» The Most Powerful Sign of the Zodiac is Scorpio
The Lord Mangal (Mars) is the ruler of both Mesh (Aries) and Vrischik (Scorpio) and is very powerful. His valor and courage are boundless and individuals with an emphasis of Vrischik in their charts display these qualities to their fullest extent. Mangal is bold, fiery, fierce, invincible and likes to thoroughly dominate all situations. He is ever ready for war and does not back down. In Mesh, the 1st sign of the zodiac he displays these qualities out in the open but Vrischik is much more complex.
Vrischik is secretive, vindictive, bold, patient, fearless, forceful, and willful. Where Mesh rashi attacks its opponent with full force in bright afternoon, Vrischik retreats and lies in wait until dark. Then when the enemy is drunk and fast asleep Vrischik quietly destroys them with swift force and deadly accuracy. It is said that the power of Vrischik doubles at night. When others are asleep that is when Vrischik comes alive.
There are many reasons why Vrischik is very difficult beat and nearly impossible to kill. 
Firstly, Vrischik is always well informed about the opponents' weaknesses. This sign will never battle the opponent on their own ground. Rather, they will pick terrain which is most uncomfortable and unfamiliar to the enemy.
Secondly, Vrischik always works on the emotional plane. Make no mistake about it, of all the signs this sign is the most emotional. If an idea appeals to a Vrischik, no matter how impractical it is he/she will rationally carry it out with deadly precision. This emotional approach works wonderfully on enemies. Even before the enemy is all set to attack Vrischik will destroy their confidence by emotionally convincing them that they will lose. With this attitude they come into the battlefield and quickly diminish.
Third main quality of a Vrischik is their attitude. It takes them quite a while to make important decisions but once those decisions are made they stick to them. The mind of a Vrischik is very inquisitive, thorough and sharp. Whenever something interests them, they will find out everything about that subject and eventually become an authority on it. No matter what others feel about them or no matter what their circumstances show, if a Vrischik has decided to carry something through to conclusion he/she will.
This sign offers extremes in everything. People in this sign can be the greatest saints or the worst sinners. There is no middle ground. One negative quality associated with Vrischik is: Tremendous bottled up anger. The reason for this is that if a person offends a Vrischik, Vrischik will not forget but rather wait patiently and seething with resentment. When wating the anger will build and pollute the psyche until it becomes impossible to bear and then Vrischik will explode. This results in total destruction.
The positive quailitues are tremendous resourcefulness, concentration and an innate ability to advance rapidly in meditation. When negative qualities of vindictiveness and anger are transformed to peacefulness and generosity then this sign becomes the most profound in the zodiac.
Innately, Vrischik is tuned in to the psychic realm. Intuition is highly developed and as a result people with an emphasis on Vrischik are capable of becoming great psychics, detectives, astrologers and priests.