» Opening The Third Eye


This is a highly practical exercise for helping to develop your third eye. Don't persist in staring at the candle if your eyes begin to tire or feel sensitive. Remember, the focus is not on the candle, but your third eye.
1. Find a candle in a colour you like, perhaps white, gold or purple as these are spiritual colours. The room should be dark. Place the candle on the table about a metre away from you, slightly below eye level. Light it and gaze steadily at the flame. Calm your mind and steady your breathing.
2. After a couple of minutes, close your eyes. You will see the after-image of the flame as a small point of white light in your mind's eye, the spot between the physical eyes. Keep your attention fixed on this point of light. Do not try to move, control or change it, just observe.
3. The light might appear to move upwards. It might change colour. Keep it in your inner vision for as long as you can. You may be surprised how long the image remains, sometimes fading and then reappearing again. When it fades completely, open your eyes and look at the candle again.
4. Repeat the procedure three times. The last time, try to hold the after-image steady without wavering. When you can no longer see it, keeping your eyes closed, continue to watch the space where it has been. Be aware of any colours or pictures that appear there.
The third eye has various other names, including 'the seat of intuition'. By focusing on this area during meditation, we gain a deep and persistent awareness of our intuition and proper judgment. With regular practice, this awareness can reach into our everyday lives. When we make decisions or face difficult situations we will be able to tap into our powers of judgment - instead of relying on external sources for answers to our problems.