» 2nd House

2nd house stands for the Dharmasthana or the place of worship. It also has the portfolios of wealth, education, honour and mind. This is the house that stands for the fruits of the karmas or the deeds and misdeeds of the native. Here is the seat of Jupiter the jagat Guru or the preceptor of the world at large. 9th house is considered to be the ocean of Karmas. It is from 9th house that the winds laden with water of the Karmas rise and pour it on 2nd house. For good results of 2nd house the 8th house should be vacant or unoccupied. The results are likely to be better if 2nd house is also vacant. This may appear strange but everything becomes clear if we go by the assumptions of Lal Kitab. If houses 2, 6 and 8 are all occupied, the poison of 8th house shall be transferred to 6th house through the agency of the aspect of the planets in 2nd house. If houses 2 and 8 are both vacant there is no question of compounding the troubles of 6th house.

House No. 2 gets its strength from 4th house. Wherever there is a severe onslaught of misfortunes from 9th house due to the weakness of Dharmasthana or the Jagatguru or Venus, 4th house, comes to rescue. In times of adversities we should look towards the strength of 4th house, its lord the natural significator or Karaka Moon who stands for mother as well as mortality and mind. Perhaps mother's blessings may help the native tide over his/her difficulties.