» Purnima Dates in June 2014 ( Purnima Dates in 2014 )

Purnima Dates in June 2014 ( Purnima Dates in 2014 )




Thursday, June 12, 2014  -  Jyaishta Purnima Vrat (जयेष्ट पूर्णिमा व्रत)


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The last day of  sukla paksha of the telugu month is called  purnima. The fifteenth day of the waxing phase of the moon is called as purnima. Purnima is one of the most auspicious days of the month. Many vrats are performed on this day. Many festivals also fall on this day and are observed with lot of devotion.


This month purnima date is 12th June, 2014. Since this falls on hindu month of Jyaishta, it is called as Jyaishta Purnima. Depending on the nakshatra on the full moon day  the name of the month is decided. Moon is one among the nine grahas that are called as Navagrahas. On purnima Moon is powerful and worshiping moon on this day would reduce the bad affects of moon.