» Sunfa Yog


In Sunfa Yog, if there are one or more than one planets present in the house which is 2nd from the house of placement of Moon in the horoscope. Sunfa Yog is said to bless the native with wealth and fame. Some believe that the presence of Sun in the house 2nd to the house of Moon is taken as exception to the formation of Sunfa Yog which means that if Sun is present in 2nd house from Moon, Sunfa Yog is not formed in the horoscope. Considering the formation of Sunfa yog with the help of an example, if Moon is placed in 7th house of a horoscope and one or more than one planets other than Sun are present in 8th house of horoscope, Sunfa Yog is said to be formed in such a horoscope.
                          For best results of sunfa yog, Moon should be working as a benefic planet in the horoscope and at the same time, the planet or planets placed in the house next to the Moon should also be benefic planets in horoscope in order for a Sunfa Yog to form in the horoscope. The presence of a malefic Moon does not lead to the formation of Sunfa Yog and the presence of malefic planets in the house next to Moon can dilute the results of Sunfa yog to great extent and hence this house should not be occupied by malefic planets. It should also be noted here that for Sunfa yog to form in a horoscope and to give good results, Moon should not be placed with malefic planets in the horoscope and it should also not receive a strong aspect from a malefic planet in the horoscope as such a malefic placement or aspect can significantly reduce the good effects associated with Sunfa Yog. The strength and placement of Moon in a horoscope is also an important criteria in deciding the benefic results of Sunfa yog. For example, Sunfa yog formed with the presence of Moon in Cancer and in 4th house of horoscope is much stronger than the Sunfa yog formed with placement of Moon in Scorpio sign and in 12th house of horoscope.