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Rahu Ketu and Their Effects

Rahu Ketu and Their Effects
Understanding Rahu/ Ketu and their effects on the life of an individual are a standout amongst the most troublesome and testing undertaking for a soothsayer particularly in today's living environment.

In the first place, they are not in any case planets however only two fanciful galactic focuses in the Zodiac. However in Vedic crystal gazing they are dealt with as planets just. Actually the basic reference in Vedic soothsaying is they are shadowy planets. 
Rahu and Ketu are essentially two scientific focuses and are known as the two lunar hubs and which are important to clarify the galactic phenomena of Lunar Eclipse and Solar obscuration. They are otherwise called Moon's North hub and Moon's South hub. The point where Moon crosses the ecliptic while setting out from south to north is known as Rahu, the North or the "climbing" hub. The point where Moon causes the ecliptic while heading out from north to south is known as Ketu, the South or "dropping" hub. 
The galactic estimation important to figure the scope of these two focuses are focused around this idea of development of Moon and is the reason for shrouds. The hubs are subsequently two focuses 180 degrees separated, which is the reason they are constantly placed inverse to one another in a visionary graph or horoscope. 
The aged celestial prophets who were likewise proficient cosmic eyewitnesses felt colossal impacts of the obscuration on the undertakings of individuals on earth. They couldn't clarify these grandiose impacts focused around the customary 7 planets which they had recognized in the universe with their bare eyes.

They had understood that the relationship between the developments of earth, the moon and the Sun holds the way to the life on our planet. It won`t be outside of any relevant connection to the subject at hand to specify that it is not simply a factual incident that Moon is pretty much the right size and right separation from the Earth to totally blanket the Sun precisely throughout an aggregate Solar obscuration. 
Moon symbolizes the female or "Ying" standard and Sun symbolizes the manly or Yang guideline. The interaction between these two standards is innovative constrains behind all creation. The two lunar hubs are typical representations of this very unevenness in the middle of Yin and Yang standards of nature and speak to persuasion of creation through the inconsistency in the middle of Yin and Yang standards in nature.