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Remedies for Sarpa Dosha for financial gains

When in the horoscope due to Nodes (Rahu-Ketu), financial hardship is seen, this is a very effective remedy.
This remedy is to be done on Nag Panchami.
Step wise procedure to conduct this remedy :
1) Wake up at Brahm Muhurata and get ready after a bath and clean cloths.
2) Facing at south, Take a red cloth for asana (seat), and put 'चौकी' chouki (small stool with less height), in front of you.
3) Place a red cloth over that chouki and draw the picture of snake with kunkum (कुंकुम) or sandalwood (चन्दन ) on the red cloth.
4) Put a bunch of non-broken rice over that snake and put a conch (शंख) over the rice facing at yourself.
5) Take a small snake made up of pure silver in a small plate and after bathing it with pure Gangal jal ( River Ganga water) or with non-boiled milk (कच्चा दूध) put in front of the couch.
6) Lit five deepak (दीपक ) of sesame oil (तिल सरसों ) should be enough that it does not go off till worship is complete. Lit the incense stick of sandalwood perfume.
7)Now do the basic puja of conch and silver snake with kunkum, rice , flowers, etc.
8) Now fill the conch with rice.
9) Now stand up on the seat (आसन), with folding hands, chant the following mantra for ten minutes.
"नमोSस्तु सर्पेभ्यो ये के च पृथिवीमनु "
"Namōstu sarpēbhyō yē kē ca pr̥thivīmanu " 
10) Now seat again on the asana and do the following mantra with the Rudraksha mala.
"ॐ नृं नागेश्वाराय धनप्रदाय नृं फट !"
'Om nr̥ṁ nāgēśvārāya dhanapradāya nr̥ṁ phaṭa
This mantra should be done eleven Malas and with peace mind.
After completion of the Mantra , meditate some time on your Guru or Isth devata.
Wish anything you want. 
Do Guru Arti at the end.
This is effective remedy and miracles are seen after few days.