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                                    World Population Day


World Population Day is an annual event, observed on July eleven every year, that seeks to raise awareness of worldwide population problems. The event was established by the Governing Council of the international organization Development Programmed in 1989. it had been impressed by the general public interest in 5 Billion Day on July eleven, 1987 more or less the date on that the world's population reached 5 billion individuals.

Today, population explosion is one amongst the key considerations of the planet. As this issue of uncontrolled increment is birth to different major issues within the world. Few of the key consequences of the rise of population within the current time square measure poorness, state, Pollution, Deforestations etc. there's severe ought to check this explosion and observance of World Population Day is simply a step during this direction.



The basic purpose behind the observance of this present day is to extend awareness relating to the social and economic issues of over population. On this present day numerous ceremonies and programs square measure being conducted everywhere the world and specially in united states within which the individuals square measure convinced to stay their families short and to possess proper gap in between their kids in order that economic burden from the family additionally as from the state ought to be reduced. World Population Day isn't a public vacation as all the traditional proceedings square measure carried however at a similar time varied NGO’s and completely different organizations do conduct the notice programs relating to varied problems which has significance of birth control, gender equality, maternal health, poorness and human rights.



July eleven is ascertained as World Population Day everywhere the planet for the promotion of crucial problems like the importance of birth control, as well as gender equality, poverty, maternal health and human rights. The observance of this present day could be a ray of sunshine towards the expansion and development within the current time of ever growing population. The day has been celebrated once a year since 1989, year of its announcement.


World population Day was instituted by the Governing Council of the international organization Development Program in 1989. The date of observance of World Population Day was galvanized by the date of 5 Billion Day. As, the world’s population reached 5 billion individuals on 5 Billion Day, July 11, 1987. This concern of rise of population resulted into the institution of World population Day on a similar date. Since then, with the international organization Population Fund's (UNFPA) encouragement, governments, non-governmental organizations, establishments and people organize varied instructional activities to celebrate the annual event.


Every year the celebrations of World Population Day square measure supported the actual theme, determined by the international organization. The day is widely known worldwide by business teams, community organizations and people in varied ways that. Completely different events like seminar discussions, instructional info sessions etc square measure conducted to mark the day’s celebration.



Population Facts-



60% of the world’s population resides in Asia.

17% of the world’s population resides in Bharat.

20% of the world’s population resides within the People's Republic of China.

12 exploit the world’s population resides in Africa.

11% of the world's population resides in Europe.

8% of the world’s population resides in North America.