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Essay on eid ul fitr




Eid may be a Arabic word it means that festival. There are 2 massive festivals in Muslim culture 1) Eid ul Fitr and 2) Eid ul Adha. These 2 Eid (s) festivals we tend to celebrated in 2 totally different Islamic lunar months all round the world.


India is alleged to be myriad of religions, cultures and races. Among the varied religions that dot the Indian canvas, Islam occupies a major place because it is experienced by an outsized chunk of Indian population. Usually Muslim celebrates 3 Ids, namely, Id-ul- Zuha, Id- i- Milad and Id-ul-Fitr. Id-ul-Zuha is that the feast of sacrifice, celebrated in commemoration of Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his solely son Ishmal in obedience to Allah’s command.


EID UL FITR pageant is additionally known as feast of breaking the quick. Ramadhan is that the holy month of Muslims. Allah (The God) disclosed the Holi religious text to Prophet Mahomet throughout this month. Once the crescent moon is keen-sighted, the Ramadhan month involves Associate in Nursing finish and on the primary day of Islamic month Islamic calendar month , it's currently the time for celebrations for folks of Muslim cultur. within the whole month of holy Ramadhan, Muslims keep abstinence and from sunrise to sunset everyday they chow and drink nothing. Muslims believe, when virtually 600 years of Prophet Son, the God sent Prophet Mahomet into this world to indicate the correct path to human grouping to measure during this world and believe the identity of God, Pray five times, keep abstinence, do charity, prolong journeying. God makes the full month of Ramadhan abstinence is obligatory. When this He offers a fruitful finish in name only of pageant Eid ul Fitr pageant and it conjointly known as Ramadhan pageant. On this holy occasion folks offer Charity to poor so poor folks can also celebrate the pageant and wear new garments and choose special Eid prayer ceremony close to by house of prayer to convey God by reciting numerous prayers. When the prayer there's get along at Muslim's house for Eid meal that has special dishes and style of desserts. Then folks attend their relatives and friends place and meet them and greet them Eid's happiness or Happy Eid.


Id-ul-Fitr may be a community feast. it's characterized by want ‘Id Mubarak’ and sharing of meals, fostering of the spirit of brotherhood and purification of body and mind, etc- Reading of religious text and singing of Allah’s greatness ar the chief characteristics of this pageant. Muslims celebrate this pageant in an exceedingly grand manner by community prayers, common meals, giving gifts to the poor,’ etc.


Id-ul-Fitr is essentially a feast of rejoicing. It marks the start of recent life for the Muslims when a amount of self- management and quick. It (s) a pageant that brings folks along with binds.


It upholds the principle of universal brotherhood. In an exceedingly world marred by communalism, fanaticism, and narrowness, a feast of this sort will motivate abundant social harmony and feeling of brotherhood among individuals.