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Marriage is an important turning point in an individuals life and the rest of the life after that has to run smoothly for the individual to concentrate on his career and finances. A badly organized married life can create havoc in an individuals life and there are innumerable examples of distorted lives and divorces due to the planetary influences.


Here are some Lal Kitaab and practical remedies for the person facing hurdles getting married or even in his married life.


Remedies To ensure that you get married without obstacles or denial of proposal:

If you are facing delays in marriage or are afraid that a good proposal may get disturbed, then do the following:  Garland the idol of Lord Ganapathi with yellow flowers. Apply Haldi(Turmeric) “Tilak” on your forehead.

How to do the Ritual: For 40 days, you have to offer 108 yellow flowers to the idol or photo of Sri Haridra Ganesha while chanting the mantra- “Om Ganeshaaya Namaha“. Fast on Thursdays, and keep a Turmeric piece(whole dry turmeric) under your pillowWhen you go to see the potential groom or bide, apply the yellow turmeric tilak on the forehead and offer jaggery(Gud) as Prasad to Lord Ganesha. With his blessings and favors, your marriage wish will certainly be fulfilled.

2. Get up early in the morning, on a Thursday and after bath wear yellow clothes and then prepare Besan ke laddoos, with Asli ghee and Pisi shakkar. Prepare 108 such laddoos and put them in a yellow box, over a yellow cloth, with some dakshina and donate it to the temple bramhin. Pray to Lord Shiva and Parvati(the divine consort), also Lord Ganesha to remove all impediments in your marriage and soon your wish will be fulfilled.

3. Start worship of Sri MahaLakshmi with an idol or framed photo on any Thursday of a rising moon(Waxing Moon). Chant the Lakshmi Mantra 108 times with a rosary. Offer Prasad for three months  on every Thursday and pray for your marriage whole heartedly. In case parents are praying for their wards, they should do so on their behalf. You will get your hearts desire.


4. A girl who is intent on getting married and to a groom of her hearts choice, should go the nearby Shiva Temple and pour milk down the linga, slowly while reciting the mantra- “Om Someshwarya Namaha” Chant this mantra 108 times in the temple and she will get good and favorable results.


5. A girl or boy who is facing denials of proposals, should read the “Sundar Kand” of the Ramayana, everyday for 21 days, facing North with a photo to Sri Hanuman offering ring to Maa Sita. This will ensure that all the impediments to the marriage be removed as early as possible. Begin the reading on a Friday of a Waxing Moon and do the pooja whole heartedly.