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Selection of Colours In House According To Vastu


Improving our moods and stimulating our mind, increasing our effectiveness at work place ,houses, and in society and creating better physical and mental health. Colour affect our various domains of our life. Its role is both determining good and bad, improving the luck of a site and residence in which we live.
Following colours are therefore, proposed for improving Vastu of a building:-

1.  Green - Green represents tranquility, hope and freshness. In plants and vegetation,
    green indicates good and healthy earth energies.
2.  Purple - Purple, deep red, or plum is an equally auspicious colour. It is said to
    inspire respect.
3.  Yellow - Yellow or gold stands for power . yellow gives a sense of tolerance,
    patience, and wisdom gained from past experience.
4.  Blue - Blue or indigo symbolizes spring, new growth, and hope however, blue is
    also a cold, secondary and mourning colour.
5.  Blue-Green - blue-green mint or aqua are more auspicious than indigo as they are
    more closely aligned with the colours of nature and spring. In general, vitality
    represents verdant youth.
6.  Black - On the positive side, black or any dark colour, gives a feeling of depth
    both in m ood and perspective. Yet black indicates a lack of hope and it may
    make us feel dark low and depressed.
7.  Gray - Gray is an ambiguous or gray area.to some gray like a dismal cloudy day
    and hopelessness. To other it is positive and signifies balance and the resolution.
8.  Brown - Brown gives us heavy feeling the colour can be used to create a stable,
    established impression and a sense of the passage of time.
9.  Tan - Tan or caf represents a new successful beginning. Out of seeming
    hopelessness a new possibility arises.
10. Orange - Orange as a mixture of red and yellow and yellow, is auspicious and is
    imbused with the characteristics of happiness and power.
11. Pink - Pink represents love and pure feelings, joy happiness and romance.
12. Peech - It is the colour representing attraction and love.