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Tips For Improving Career


Here are some of the astro-tips which can help your children in gaining concentration and improve the quality of education just by adjusting the environment and study room in which he is staying: 

1. Never sit while facing a wall. It means you are blocking the positive energy. Wall or some solid support should be on your back. Windows should also be not on your back.

2. Also check your sitting position. Whenever studying and preparing for examination, always sit facing north or east or north-east.

3. Keep away all the waste and litter from your environment. Room in which you are studying should be clean and serene. Similarly table and computer, if any, should be dust free. Books and other material should be well arranged. Remember, cleanliness gives energy and has soothing effect on mind.

4. If you can arrange, a money plant should be placed on the south east corner of the room you are studying. 

5. Similarly, an aquarium can be placed in the north-east corner to attract positive energy.

6. Sitting under a beam should be totally avoided, whether at home or at office. This may cause unnecessary stress.

7. A mountain painting can also be placed behind the position where you sit. This protects the favour from higher authorities and cooperation from the subordinates.