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Yog for Love Marriage



Horoscope of one person can predict whether that person will have love marriage or arrange marriage. Following conditions shows chances of love marriage in horoscope:
  • Exchange between 7th lord and 5th lord.
  • Exchange between 12th lord and 2nd lord.
  • Combination or aspects between 7th lord and ascendant lord.
  • Combination of 2nd lord and 12th lord in 2nd, 5th or 12th house.
  • Combination between 2nd lord, 5th lord, 7th lord and 12th lord.
  • Combination of ascendant lord with 7th lord, 5th lord, 2nd lord and 12th lord.
  • If Moon is associated with ascendant lord in ascendant or with 7th lord in 7th house.
  • If there is Sagittarius or Pisces sign in 9th house and Rahu or Saturn has aspect at 7th house, 9th house and Jupiter.
  • If ascendant lord, 7th lord and 5th lord are evil planet naturally of have relation with 8th house.
  • If Venus posited in 5th or 9th house, according to ascendant or Moon sign.
  • Placement of Rahu in ascendant may be the Yoga of Love marriage, if Jupiter has no relation with 7th house.
  • Jupiter and Venus is the main ruling (KARAKA) planet of marriage and married life. So these both planets play an important role in Love marriage. If Jupiter in female chart and Venus in Male chart are in evil effect, then the chances of love marriage goes to strong.
  • Aspect of Rahu on the seventh lord, saturn or venus increases chances of love marriage.
  • Combination of Rahu and Mars in 7th house is also a signification of love marriage.
  • If the 7th lord combined with Mars and Rahu in Taurus or Libra sign then the possibilities of love marriage goes to strong.
  • If the 2nd lord and 2nd house has relation with Mars according to ascendant, Moon sign and Sun sign, then the native get love marriage.
  • Combination of fifth and the seventh house and mutual aspect or sign exchange causes love marriage.
  • Association of Venus with Jupiter or Mercury in KENDRA or TRIKONA creates the yoga of Love marriage.
  • If 2nd house is in evil effect, Venus is associated with Saturn or Rahu and 7th lord is related with Venus, Moon & ascendant then the possibilities of love marriage goes to strong. If 7th lord posited in 7th house, then 7th house goes to strong and possibilities of love marriage goes to strong.
  • When Saturn or Ketu are in the seventh house the chances for love marriage increase.
The presence of such Yoga, in one’s chart increases chances of Love Marriage. The more strong the planets forming such yoga, greater the chances of Love Marriage.