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Aries Horoscope 2021

Aries are good leaders and always like to be on the front to lead a group or team of people. For them It is very tough to be work under some-one. Aries are by nature very brave and energetic. They are also so keen in sports. Aries born will be love to work in professions like agriculture, medical and technical subjects. People born in Aries sign generally by profession are sportsman, doctor, engineer or security personnels. Negative prospects of these people are aggressive nature and hasty in actions.

General Predictions for 2021 :
For Aries Moon Sign the year 2021 may turn out to be very special one. This year can be very great for your growth in your career because the blessings of planet Saturn you will got in this meantime. Saturn would remain in the 10th house in Capricorn and Rahu in 2nd house in Taurus. From January to April Jupiter will be in Capricorn, your 10th House, and then it will move to  Aquarius your 11th House, but becomes retrograde and transits again in September in Capricorn your 10th House. Jupiter would again on November 20th enters in Aquarius into the 11th house. These major movements of planets and their new positions in the Year 2021 are very healthy finances.

In this meantime students may face some problems at initial level, but by the end of this year, with the help of Jupiter they will attain success in their education. By the changes in position of Saturn your personal life can face some challenges. Dear Aries, If you need some support from your loved ones, you might not get it on time, and at home you may also be under too many additional social responsibilities. If Your are married or in a relationship, this is the time to put some extra effort to make the things stronger. Your personal life and things at home, might be so stressful just because of position of Saturn, with its 7th aspect, and Mars, with its 4th aspect. However, during the period of April to September, and at the end of the year, your personal life should get some better zone. Aries you have to be take care of your health as Rahu and Ketu transit may bring some minor health related issues like as tomach - ache or backache.

2021 may be great for the professional life of Aries. Stability might be attained by You in your career despite some financial fluctuations. All these things are just because the move of Saturn and Jupiter into your 10th House at the beginning of this year. This conjunction gives rise to Darmakarmadipatya Yoga, by which duty and action are coming together. Possibility of foreign visits and working on international projects are also there.

This year can inevitably boost up your wealth too. Indications for job transfer with promotion are also seen this year. If you are in a higher level at work, you may be able to distribute work to your staff very easily, and they will influenced with your leadership so they will work for you with the honesty. However, You have to be careful in starting months of the Year, because there are some chances that someone can try to damage your goodwill. If you are a businessmen or self-employed, you should be much aware about activities around you. Whereas if you are in property or real estate business then it is the time to look forward about the growth. As per the career point of view, things should be go in your favour.

Love and Relationships:
As Jupiter and Saturn combine this year that indicates the signal of a positive note, They aspect in your 4th House of home/family, and so there would be peace and progress at home. But due to the move of Rahu in your 2nd House, You can say something harsh and hasty and it may hurt the feelings of your family members so try to avoid such behaviour. Due to Mars's positional move in your first House and Saturns move in the 10th house your love life may be on tough tests in the starting period of the Year. Both of these planets are aspecting the 7th House of marriage, and so try to avoid all arguments with loved ones.

There is a time between April to September, and after half of November, should be very good for personal life, but that doesn't mean that there is no confusion will takes place. If we talk about the positive aspect, for a few weeks during February-March Venus will transit your 11th House, which may soothe the problems in your married life and help you to boost up your relationship. In 2021 some times, Jupiter will also aspect in 5th House, that will creates chances for childless couples to be blessed with a baby, and those people already have children, will get good progress in their education. By these planetory positions if your son or daughter is of marriageable age, then he/she may even get married dring this year.

If we talk about the financial prospacts of Aries, You can get some ups and downs in the year 2021 in your financial life, since Rahu is in your 2nd House. Planetory position of Rahu can surely bring many financial opportunities for you but will also give you some loss. So, Try to desist from making any sort of risky financial investment. However, As Jupiter will move to your 11th House, the last sixth months of the year should bring a significant improvement and will strengthen your financial prospects.

Saturn and Jupiter both aspect your 4th house this year and it may also help You to  buy a property or vehicle. Whereas, towards the end of the year, you will also feel some financial strains. Health of Your parents may also gives you some tension, and it will also add some  expenses in the form of medical bills.

Year 2021 can bring some tough challenges for health of Aries natives. Due to your workaholic nature, You can cause certain health complications, like as anal issues and backaches from sitting for too long at your office desk. Some intestinal and digestion-related problems by the consumption of unhealthy food, can also be introduced by the positions of Ketu in your 8th House and Rahu in your 2nd House.

You needs to take some special care of your health, for that You have to keep your food habits healthy, and perform yoga and meditation on daily basis. These some small daily routine changes can ensure that you do not get any serious long-term diseases and can overcome from your health related issues very quickly.

Remedies For the Year 2021 :
- Every Tuesday and Saturday recite the hymn Hanuman Chalisa, Hanuman Mantras or Sundarkand. 
- After consulting an astrologer/gemologist you can wear red coral or Moonga stone. 
- Try to control your temper or harshly speak to anyone.
- If You wants to not get into any controversy try to avoid taking risks.
- Pray to Surya Dev, the Sun God every day.
- Donate food to the poor and feed the saint.