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Aquarius 2020 Predictions




OVERVIEW of 2020

Another year moves in and those big planets, (Uranus and Neptune) are still happily nestled in your sign, Aquarius. The year 2020 brings a multitude of important changes, but no worries, they will have a positive evolution. This year, you will need to think well about your long-term plans, you will have a lot to learn, and the curiosity that is characteristic to your sign will be of much help. From February, you will go through changes in your personal life. The magnitude of these changes depends very much on your personal planets.

Towards the end of the spring, you will notice major changes in your romantic life. Either your stable relationship will reach a new level, or you will meet someone completely new and special. Be aware of the fact that during this period, you will have a very active social life, so you will get to meet a lot of people. Don’t trust easily and don’t take hasty decisions when it comes to new acquaintances. Some of them are not going to be trustful friends or partners.

The year 2020 looks moderate for the natives in moon sign Aquarius as per Horoscope. You may get better results in your married life and love affairs. Saturn would enter in Capricorn sign in the 12th house of your horoscope on January 24. At the commencement of the year, Rahu would be in the 5th house in Gemini sign and later on, it would enter in Taurus sign in 4th house on September 23.

Jupiter enters Capricorn's sign in 12th house on March 29. It would transit back in Sagittarius on June 30 after becoming retrograde and again would enter in Capricorn sign in the 12th house after becoming direct. Results for Combust Venus will be affecting during the period from May 29 to June 09. Detailed predictions for Aquarius Horoscope 2020 are given herewith:


Financially things are a lot more stable, grounded and calm in 2020.  You’ve had a veritable roller coaster over the past few years in the realms of resources and personal assets and you may have been one of the lucky Aquarians who saw small fortunes (or large) ones appear seemingly out of nowhere or you may have been one of the Aquarians who found any semblance of stability an impossible concept.

This is a good year for the Aquarius natives in terms of wealth, and business. You will progress in your career and you will consolidate your social position. The financial status will remain strong and you will surely advance towards success. There are chances to obtain benefits from someone who is in a leadership role, including financial benefits.

The plans you’ve already made have great chances to become real. The position of planets in the Aquarius sign can lead to a career change in the direction you’ve always wanted. Those who already have a job will be promoted this year. 2020 is also a good year for students.

Year 2020 doesn’t look profitable for you as far as your investments are concerned. Consider all the aspects and remain attentive while taking any decision related to money. If starting your own business venture is the dream you are following, properly analyze the pros and cons of your business idea, prior to taking an action. You should not hesitate to take help from others. Avoid investing in speculations as Rahu is posited in your fifth house till the month of September.


Year 2020 looks average for your career. Although you may have a good inflow of income due to the position of Jupiter in your 11th house, making you capable of coping up with the adverse situations. Saturn would remain in your 12th house most of the year. The good aspect of Jupiter on your 7th house indicates a good legal or business partnership this year. It is recommended not to involve your family members in your professional life or work.

Your luck will favor you most of the year. You may recover your losses if any occurs. You may gain through foreign connections if you are connected to or associated with foreign land or companies. If you are running your own business, you need to avoid taking risky decisions. If you are thinking of new business opportunities, take the advice of experts or people who are connected with or have some experience in that particular field.


According to horoscope 2020, the beginning of this year may not be rewarding for the students who are preparing for competitive examinations. You may face difficulties in achieving your goals this year. You may go abroad for higher education during the months of March-June if you have been putting efforts for the same. Studying in foreign countries may prove to be beneficial for you. You may, however, face difficulty in technical studies this year.

Due to an aspect of Jupiter, Saturn and Mars on your 6th house of competition, you may get desired results during the middle of the year. The result would be in your favor in provided you work equally hard. The transit of Rahu in your 5th house may lead to concentration issues in studying. It would be sorted once Rahu gets transited in your fourth house after the month of September. You may chase the path of success thereafter. Overall, this year contains mixed results for students.


This year, you will remain busy with one thing or the other and will not get enough time to spend with your family. You will be preoccupied with your work front or in your professional life. The environment within your family would be peaceful. The second house of the family is ruled by the planet Jupiter in your horoscope. It is well placed in your horoscope most of the time. Unfortunately, the stars are indicating a loss in your family. However, there's a nice probability of it being recoverable. Once Jupiter transits in Sagittarius, the situation will be in your favor. Your family's financial position will be better. You may purchase land or vehicle during the initial months of the year and thereafter in the month of November.

This year looks good for your children, they may be rewarded for their endeavors. Due to an aspect of Jupiter on your 3rd house, you will get the support of your brothers and neighbors. Once Rahu changes its position and enters your 4th house, it would lead to some situation causing stress and worry. You should take care of your mother during this period. Overall, this year is good as far as family life is concerned.


According to Aquarius Horoscope 2020, the married life of Aquarians will remain good most of the year. Jupiter will be in your 11th house most of the time, which indicates harmony in your married life. It would aspect to your 3rd house, 5th house and 7th house of marriage.

Your children may also get benefits this year as the position of stars suggest that this year is going to be good for your children. They may develop a love for studying, however, there is an aspect of Rahu on your 5th house, which may create some disturbance with regards to their concentration.

If getting married is on your mind, this year you will finally join the club. There is a high chance of getting married in the initial month until January 24. Later on, there are fewer chances for marriage for you. You need to pay attention to your spouse in the month of August and September. Your love would intensify. If you are a newly married couple, there is a strong chance of the birth of a child in the month of January. Your romance would be intensified in the initial months and you may romantic with your partner most of the time this year due to Jupiter’s aspects. Overall, this year looks good except for a few months.


According to Aquarius Horoscope 2020, if you love somebody, this year is good for you to romance. You will find continuity in your love. Jupiter is aspecting your 5th house which is good for your love life. You and your partner would enjoy a good bond this year. During April-May, there might be some disturbance in your married life. The reason could be a weak understanding of your partner. This situation could come up during the months of April-May.

After March-June, the time will be particularly good for romance. Time is not very favorable for marriage this year but it does favor your love life. You may get a positive response if you propose someone before March and after June. You need to avoid imposing your thoughts on others and be a good listener. Overall, most of the year would be favorable for Aquarius Moon Sign people.


You need to take care of your health this year. 2020 is moderate for a health perspective. Stomach related problems must not be ignored. You should not act careless and consult a doctor about matters related to your health. Once Saturn and Rahu transit in your 12th and 4th house respectively would give rise to mental stress. However, you need not worry as it won’t be negatively affecting your health. You should do “Surya Namaskar” early in the morning. It would help you maintain good health. You should refrain from oily and fried food items as you may become overweight and initiate your journey towards obesity during this year.


The benevolent Jupiter spends the first 7 months of 2020 enhancing your everyday world, making sure you are supported where you need support the most and assuring your rewards arrive for all your hard work. During August it moves on to add its expansive touch to your most important relationships and partnerships.

Many people get married or involved in a serious, long term liaisons during this transit. It makes connections glow, it turns feelings warm and comfortable and deep. Make plans to be around those you truly admire, respect and care for during late summer and into the fall. It is a perfect time for seeing the better side of any partnerships picture.


Your ruling planet has been adding its lightning and doing its change thing in your own sign for a few years now. Yet there are distinct periods to its transit and different focal points for its work. This year, as mentioned in the general outline at the start of this scope, it changes and begins enlightening you in matters of the heart.

You may discover talents you never knew you had or have been ignoring for awhile. You may find yourself falling in love with someone unlike anyone you’ve ever been attracted to before, you may discover that your entire sense of style and likes and dislikes is suddenly different. While you will bend and shift and go with the flow the striking differences that surface can startle those around you.

Try not to suddenly appear in a completely new look….or dash off after an intense new desire without giving others a little warning. You may suddenly love a new color, a new look, a new house, new people…enjoy this chance to shake loose anything that has grown stale and lifeless and to adopt some new attitudes and ideals. The big slow-moving planets from Saturn outward are responsible for the most transformational changes although they tend to take place over many years and are seldom abrupt, (with the exception of those brought about by Uranus).

The transits of Neptune are always important because they help identify changing beliefs and spiritualities. Their actions are covert and insidious slipping slowly into place in such a way that you often don’t know a change has taken place. With Neptune still in your sign, these are fundamental and deep-seated areas that are slowly being reworked, revised and rewritten.

Continue to stay fascinated with belief systems and how they work….don’t be afraid to challenge your own now and then.

Remedies for the year 2020

One remedy can change the course of your life. To eliminate the ill-effects of malefic planets, perform this one remedy (upay):

Install Shri Yantra and worship it regularly. Chant any Mantra of Maa Laxmi. Feed Peda (Sweet) to Cow and also, if possible, donate cow in a cowshed. Behave properly with women, your colleagues, and poor people. Help them in need. Offer flour to aunts.