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Cancer Horoscope 2021

A Cancerien has a great power of good Imagination power. People born under this sign is also analize other’s ideas so easily. By nature a Cancerien is sensitive, emotional, sympathetic and sentimental mostly. Sign of Cancer also shows intelligent, creative, adaptable and good comunicator character of them. These people sometimes shows a bit volatile nature. All of sudden sometime  they become angry whereas sometimes they would become affectionate. On some occasions they looks very reserved or timid whereas other time they are courageous and outspoken. You have to avoid maintaining patience at unnecessary circumstances.

2021 for the people born under the sign Cancer, overall will be a great year. If we talk about the career point of view, you will going to rock however there will be some struggles but you can easily handle them. At the beginning of the year and again during the third quarter the combination of Jupiter and Saturn will be seen in your 7th House. These movements will be going to boost up the cancerien are in business. Other than that, only Mars can bring you some success when it is in key signs like Aries, Scorpio, or Capricorn. 

People born under the sign cancer will get a lucky jump in their social status this year, which will moves you in some new groups of social networking. Not only this it can even help you in the growth of your business. At the beginning of 2021 your financial situation may looks weak but things may improve after March, when you may also be strong enough to pay off some of your old debts. However for students, this year will be just an average time and situations should be good in between of February to April. But the movement of Ketu in your 5th House can creates problems and distracs you from studies, thats why you have to strongly focus on your education. 

Family life of Cancerien can also be in tough situation as Saturn will moves to  your 4th House of family. And by the effect of this movement, there can be some tough situations will occur in your relationship. Some of Cancerien may even stay away from family for some months because of official requirement. In your 7th House combination Saturn and Jupiter will happen, and it may creates some problematic situation in your married life. Existance of Jupiter in 7th House may save you, but persence of Saturn thier can creates stress for you. Time period from February to April, and after that, from mid-September to November, your relations will be in a better zone. However, in the the rest of the period in 2021, you must be careful with your relationships. 

Saturn is existing in your 7th House for now and is joined by the planet Jupiter, the owner of your 6th House of health. Due to these combinations in your horoscope you may face some health related issues, especially in the knee and areas around hips. However, postion of Rahu in your 11th House help you with some gains.