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Leo Horoscope 2021

People born under the sign Leo are generally noble, big hearted and generous. Leos will be ambitious to accomplish higher positions and rank. A Leo born blesses authority, dignity, energy, enthusiasm, and popularity. These people have special attraction in administration, law, and political science subjects.

People born under the sign Leo, can expect 2021 overall as an nice year. If we talk about  career and finances prospect, presence of Rahu is in your 10th House, will make you optimistic and desirous for a good career comes ahead. But, the move of Jupiter and Saturn in your 6th House, may create problems through enemies at your work front, and it might be a barrier in path of your success. With the stating of the Year 2021, Mars will move into your 9th House, and it will help you to get good fortune through your courage. 

Those Leo are self-employed must have to be careful with competitors because You may face  some defeats. To avoid all these problematic situations try to use the basic business route, and don't be tempted to use any short-cuts that is not required, because you might pay it with the losses. Jupiter is your 2nd House of wealth, due to this it will bring some wealth for you, till it remains in Capricorn sign during the year. From February to April some of Leos may be get an opportunity to buy a property. 

Jupiter will also move to Aquarius and in your 7th House, for  some months of the year. Due to this movement of Jupiter you will also get some favors. It may be an expansion in your business partnerships, and for some of Leos it will bring life partners by tie the knot and expand your family this year. If we talk about Health, you must be careful about that because there are some chances of stomach and kidney related diseases.