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Libra Horoscope 2021


People born under the sign Libra are generally very ambitious for a fast growth in life. Libras are level - headed and has right intuition, excellent intellect, quick decision-making powers, and possess pleasant nature. You people are very keen for businesses and interested in legal professionals.

Libra Horoscope 2021 :

2021 is the year with full of possibilities and chances for Libras, while you may face a very few minor setbacks. If we talk about planetary positions, Saturn who signifies career aspects, will appears in your 10th House this year. Due to this, many events and happenings will takes place to enhance your career. Existance of Jupiter with Saturn in your 4th House, will help you to adjust with the situations at home. However, for some months in 2021 Jupiter will move to Aquarius and in your 5th House, and this planetary move can create some problems at home, since Saturn will be activated all alone in your 4th House of family. Saturn's existance there may also help you with some benefits from your home, especially from your maternal side. However this move of Saturn can also take you away from your family members owing to your work, and you may have to do some travelling and pass some time away from the home. Your mother may also face some health related issues and you have to serve him with a priority. 

In the starting of the Year 2021, Planet Mars will move in your 7th House, and this planetary move can create some misunderstandings and disturbance in your relationship with life partner. Try to avoid anger with your spouse. Transit of Mars in your 10th House From June-July, will boost you with rewards at your workplace. In your 8th House, Rahu will be positioned due to this there may be some extra expenses will takes place, with this some of past happenings may come to the forefront. 

Some of Librans may get attracted towards occult practices and get some mystical powers. For those who are students, April to September will be a great time period. If you are perparing for competitive exams taken up your studies very seriously to get success. When Jupiter moves to your 5th House in the second quarter of the year 2021, some Librans can get married, and single can get a suitable life partner. In 2021 Librans have to take care of health especially because Saturn will effect your 6th House of health.