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Main Gate Complexion According To Vastu


1.  Big tree obstruction to the progress of children.

2.  Gutter or Ditch- grief and open well, create mental problems.

3.  Corner of another building ,give mental unrest for family.

4.  Water drain-draining, of income by unwanted expenses.

5.  Straight street- affecting longevity of inmates.

6.  Dilapitated house or wall affecting prosperity of houses.

7.  Staircase railings give sadness of family.

8.  Pillars, electric and telephone post affecting females of family

If these obstacles or obstruction are situated after roads or more than 30 feets distance of the house are not affect on the house’s prosperity and happiness
Most of rules are applied same or common  on the houses, factories, shops etc. but some rules are  different  affected on houses and factories, shops. Because factories and shops are commercial places.