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Cancer 2020 Predictions




Cancer Horoscope 2020 indicates a year with mixed results. You may expect favorable results in business partnership and married life. There would be a couple of months when you need to be careful. Saturn would enter in Capricorn sign and in the 7th house of your horoscope on January 24. At the beginning of the year, Rahu would be in the 12th house in Gemini sign and later on, it would enter Taurus sign, in 11th house on September 23.
 Apart from all these, another transit needs to be analyzed, which is for planet Jupiter. It enters Capricorn sign in 7th house on March 29. It would shift back in Sagittarius sign on June 30 after following retrograde motion and again would enter in Capricorn in 7th house when it becomes direct. Venus, the planet of beauty would be combust during the period May 29 to June 09. The predictions for Cancer Horoscope 2020 in detail are stated below:


Regarding money, business, and 2020 is going to be a great year for the Cancer natives. In order to have even greater success, these natives need to work hard. With a lot of work and perseverance, they will remove all the obstacles to prosperity. It is possible to be not so favored by luck in terms of wealth and career and it is also possible for the Cancer natives to encounter some financial pressures. Even so, there are chances to improve your financial life. This is a good moment to start a business, but not extraordinary.

However, if the Cancer woman makes a lot of effort, the results are going to be excellent and they will have outstanding accomplishments in business. Money is slipping through their fingers, even before they get it. This occurs especially in the first half of 2020. At the beginning of September, the financial conditions improve, and the Cancer natives can establish alliances with national and international companies. For those who haven’t finalized their studies, this year will bring mixed results. However, there are chances for their work to be rewarded with success.


Work continues to be extremely important, Cancer. It is a learning process of finding what works best for you personally, what also fits your obligations and responsibilities and that can also help you realize farther-reaching goals and ambitions. Pluto continues to be a major player in career and business endeavors as it brings out the necessity to willingly take on the details, the physical efforts and the discipline that is needed to bring fulfillment to any job.

The first three months of 2020 will be full of fast-moving efforts and surprising offers. The Cancer Horoscope 2020 shows that if you have defined goals that require ambition, passion and hard work try to get them moving in February, March, and April. This is the best part of the year for attaining strong progress. You are also more likely to indulge in a little more risk-taking during this time giving you a considerable competitive edge.


According to astrological predictions for moon sign Cancer for the year 2020, students of this sign will get good results this year. At the beginning of the year, Mars - the Lord of their 10th house - will be in the 5th house, which is the house of education. It is good for students if they strive to make their career in respective fields related to their education. They may get good results for their hard work this year. During the months of March-May, time is favorable for those who are preparing for competitive examinations.

They may get desirable results. The months of July-August will not be that lucky in this regard. During mid-September, they may get success in everything they put their heart and soul into. After that, until the month of November, you will receive mixed results. Post-November, and during the last month of the year, time will be favorable. Positive response shall be received in matters related to education. Overall, this year is good for students.


At the commencement of the year, your family life will be good. In the month of Feb, there might be gloom surrounding you and your home. Your in-laws may try to create an environment of happiness around you during this period. You may go on long-distance travels or pilgrimages with your family. During March-July, you may feel happiness is back in your home, however, an aspect of Saturn at your 4th house from the 7th house may cause some kind of dissatisfaction at home front.

This feeling of discontent will last throughout the year. You may buy a vehicle or land in the month of March. There would be a good inflow of money during April-July. During July-Aug, an outflow of money is also predicted. During the month of October, you may buy luxurious items to make the life of your loved ones comfortable. The concluding months of the year will be good as far as family life is concerned. There is a possibility of the birth of a new life in your family.


According to Cancer Astrology 2020 forecast, the beginning of the year would be good in terms of love and romance. You will get ample opportunities to romance with your spouse. The intensity of love would be much in between you two, with an abundance of passion and energy. During the months of March-June, avoid falling into any arguments with your partner. The health of your spouse may also decline during the phase between March-June. If you are planning to get married this year, you may finally tie the knot in the middle of the year or in the last few months.

Newly married couples if planning for a child, shall expect the birth of a child during March-June. However, precaution is required in pregnancy because of the conjunction of two malefic planets in your 7th house. You may go on long-distance travel or long trips with your spouse and children. You may plan to visit temples or go on a pilgrimage with your life partner and family members. During this phase, there's also an indication of your meeting with someone special if starting a new relationship is on your mind.


Many critical moments focus on romance, sensuality and your dreams around them in the year ahead. With Venus retrograde in October stirring up the desires in the sign of Scorpio and in the house of your solar chart that symbolizes live affairs and imagination just about anything is possible. According to Cancer Horoscope 2020 for Love and Relationships, this year is average for love matters. If you wish to propose someone, you may face difficulty doing that. However, during the months of March-June, after much difficulty, you may get a positive response.

If you are committed, you may also think of a love marriage. During this period, you may be constantly involved in fights with your partner. You may have no time to dedicate to your partner owing to your busy schedule for business or work. It may become the reason for fights and arguments between you and your partner. Intense others from the past can begin to slowly move back into your world at any time during the early fall period. Passions are focused on gaining success, mobility, security and new alliances and then finally begin to rediscover how good it feels to chase after love and sensual explorations. The majority of cosmic attention comes towards the latter half of 2020 and is first energized by Venus and then by a lunar eclipse.


For you, dear Cancer natives, the health is intensely influenced by the stress level during this year we just stepped into. The stress reduces immunity, so it lowers the body’s capacity to fight diseases. The most stressful period for you seems to be the warm season. Fortunately, a rich vitamin diet, but low in calories, as well as regular physical activity, represent weapons to considerably reduce the body’s level of hormones, but also of the free radicals. This is why the resolutions for this year should aim, at least health-wise, a healthy nutrition and exercise programs for each season. Either you choose to go to the gym or to sign up for an exercise group (yoga, dance, aerobics), or you choose to take long walks, to run or to venture in hiking. Any type of sport is beneficial for you during this year. Don’t forget to rest, since sleep is another redoubtable enemy against stress. Try to establish a healthy routine regarding your sleep hours and relax whenever you have the chance. You can also try other forms of anti-stress therapies, if you consider they might be helpful, from aromatherapy and music therapy to homeopathy, massage, acupuncture, and many others.


Jupiter remains in your own sign until August where it both brings you good luck and benevolence as well as the tendency to over-do things a bit. Expansion is a keyword…and it’s neutral. You can support your world and others, you have enough compassion and tolerance to share generously but it is best to keep your limits in mind. While luck is on your side avoid stretching it.

In August Jupiter moves off into Leo and begins adding its special kind of cosmic power to your finances and resources. VACATIONS & TRIPS Cancer natives enjoy the comfort of their nest, but when they feel safe, they will get out of their shell to have fun in the sun. This being said, even If you didn’t travel internationally that much, maybe a vacation in another country where the English language is spoken will make you feel at ease, like home. For you, a wonderful place if the Great Coral Reef, the largest reef system in the world.


It is still your truths and passions and desires and your connections with others who have significant influence over your life that sees the most change and movement. Uranus, one of the cosmic slow movers adds its lightning and its enlightenment to the same area of your chart that it spent last year and the year before and the year before. We can never have enough truth…and when those truths are internal and hold the keys to your passions…you can never explore them enough.

Romance and romantic attachments are likely to be drawn into these moments of universal illumination, more so this year than in any previous. With the lightning-like passions comes the ethereal and foggy ones during 2020. Moving even slower than Uranus, Neptune gets comfortable in a sign and spends considerable time there. Your truths, once again, are in the spotlight and wherever Neptune is moving through your personal chart becomes the one place where inner clarity and self-awareness are most needed.

We project the finest, dreamiest qualities of Neptune onto our world and the other people that make up our world. In doing so we also project our ability to live in love, peace, joyfulness, and serenity. Spend plenty of time searching for your own unique brand of spirituality, know why you cherish and long for your dreams…and seek inner clarity before searching for it in the outer world.


Remedies minimize the malefic effect of planets. This year, to acquire maximum benefit and planetary support, perform this remedy regularly. The north node is sharing the sign of Gemini with Saturn and it is this area that sees the most movement towards the future. The scene is your inner world, the place you create your dreams, your subconscious, and your deepest motivations. Saturn demands that rules be created and adhered to. You should donate a Chaya Patra on Saturdays. For this, fill mustard oil in a vessel made of clay or iron and donate it to someone after seeing your face in it.

You have to do this regularly throughout the year. Also, on Tuesday and Saturday, light a lamp filled with jasmine oil and recite Hanuman Chalisa, Bajrang Baan or Sundar Kand. Afterward, distribute prasad of jaggery-gram or Bundi to small children. The north node makes turns that take you towards the days and months and years ahead. Listen closely to your intuition…and then walk it into the world with as much integrity and discipline as you can.