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Gemini Horoscope 2021

Geminis are generally by nature multiple-skilled person. Mostly they are business owners, have good communication skills, will be creative and intelligent enough. However, a Gemini might be indecisive by nature. Due to their hasty acts and decisions they might make mistakes. But with the sharpness of brain such kind of people will also have the smartness to correct the same. Geminis are very practical person and work very seriously.

Year 2021 for the Geminis may comes with a lots of great opportunities to boost up their career.  knocking at their doors with regard to their career. But You have to learn new things and improve yourself to grab those opportunities.  You act with a positive mindset is must for the significant growth in 2021. If we talk about the positions of stars this time Saturn is in Capricorn in your 8th House, and dur to this you may get an instant profit and losses. Rahu will move to be in Taurus in your 12th House. From starting of month April to mid September, when Jupiter will move to Aquarius, and in your 9th House that defines destiny and luck might give you some achievement. However, from mid September to mid November, when Jupiter returns to the 8th House of Capricorn, on becoming retrograde, You  may also face some problems. 

In 2021 the period after mid November, when one more time Jupiter turns direct and enters Aquarius, in your 9th Houses should be better for you. This year You can get some sudden financial gains as well as some losses can also takes place. However  people of Gemini those are students will have a great year ahead. Especially the starting months of the year 2021 will be very fruitful for those students who are keen to study abroad. 

Family and Relationships will also looks in a positive situation, and you may  spend by an open heart on festivals and renovation. Whereas a small period from mid-February to mid- April might not be as good because of combust Venus which is the significator of life partner and love. So You have to be cautious with your partner, as some occurrence of unnecessary misunderstandings might be possible. For singles, 2021 is the best time for finding the love, and for the committed ones can also complete the relationship by tieing the knot. However, You have to take some care to your health too.