Papmochni Ekadashi(पापमोचनी एकादशी)

6 April 2013, Saturday


The Ekadashi of Krishna Paksha, Chaitra Masa is called the Papamochani Ekadashi. The fast of Papamochani Ekadashi removes all sins of a person and opens the door of heaven for him. Lord Vishnu is worshipped, on this day. Performing the Shodashopachara Puja increase the auspicious effects on this fast. 
Papamochani Ekadashi Fast Method
Lord Vishnu is worshipped in the fast of Ekadashi. Person observing the fast of Papamochani Ekadashi should have Satvik food (meal with no onion and garlic etc.) on the Dashmi Tithi (a day before Ekadasi). The fasting period of Ekadashi Vrat is for 24hours. Hence, a person needs to prepare himself mentally before starting the fast. In the day time of Ekadashi, Lord Vishnu is remembered and meditation is performed. And, Jagran is performed by reading Vishnu Path, in the whole night.
Person observing the fast should wake up at the time of sunrise and complete his routine works. Then, the resolution of fast is taken and Lord Vishnu is worshipped. Now, the person should sit infront of Lord Vishnu’s idol and read the Shrimad Bhagwat Katha. After fasting the whole day, Jagran performed at night, multiplies the auspiciousness of fast results.
Not having any food, in the night of Ekadashi and performing Jagran, increase the virtues of fasting. Person should sacrifice luxury and pleasure, on the day of fast. He should avoid having any sorts of bad thoughts in his mind. On the day of fast, it is must to hear the Vrat Katha. 
On the Dvadashi (a day after Ekadashi), person observing fast should take bath in the early morning, then Lord Vishnu is worshipped and Brahmans are given food and alms. After completing all these thing, food is eaten. This way the fast is concluded. 
Papamochani Fast Story
In the ancient days, there was a forest named Chitrarath. Gandharva girls and Gods, all used to enjoy and frolic here. Once, a Rishi named Medhavi was meditating, in the forest. Then, a nymph named Manjughosa got fascinated by the Rishi. She tried to attract him with her beauty and dance. At that time, Kamdev was also passing from there. Even Kaamdev helped the nymph, in this work. As a result, the fairy was success in breaking the meditation of Rishi. 
After few year, when Rishi came out of the charm and illusion, he remembered that he was performing meditation for Lord Shiva. He blamed the fairy for his condition. And, he cursed the nymph to be a female demon. Hearing the curse, Manjughosa trembled and fell in the feet of Rishi. She asked forgiveness and remedy for this curse. Then, Rishi asked him to observe the fast of Papamochani Ekadashi. Rishi also observed this fast, to get free from his sin. On completion of fast, both of them got rid of their sin.
From that time, a tradition of observing this fast is being carried on. This fast, makes a person free from all his sins, done knowing or unknowingly.
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