Varah Jyanti

8 September 2013, Sunday

Lord Varaha is the third personification of Lord Vishnu. Varaha Jayanti is also known as Varaha Dwadash since it is eminent on the Dwadashi tithi of Magh Shukla Paksha. Devotees monitor fasts on Varaha Dwadashi for a flourishing life. Worshipping Lord Varaha on this day brings riches, destiny and joy to the devotee.
There were two Demons which mother was Diti. Hirnyaksha and Hiranyakshayapu were born with terrific powers. That time of there borth.  At the time of their birth, the whole world was horrified. soil shake, massive tides aroused in the load and stars moved upside down. The situation of the three worlds was in itself petrifying.
Both the brothers soon grow up with burly and huge built. Both of them performed tough austerity and were able to please Lord Brahma. They asked for immeasurable powers and that no one be supposed to be able to overcome them in any war. Lord Brahma decided them the desire and went back to paradise. Both of them became influential and started disturbing people of all the three worlds to show their strengths.
behind acquiring the three worlds, both of them went to overcome Varun Deva's empire "Vibhaari Nagari". First off all, Varun Deva got angry listening to their situation. But later on concealed his fierceness and told them, "might be you are burly and own terrific powers, but Lord Vishnu is the better of all. He is the one who can overcome you". Listening to it, Hiranyaksha went in search of Lord Vishnu with a thought to beat him. in the meantime, Devarishi Narad got to know that Lord Vishnu had incarnated into Lord Varaha and was going to get the earth free from gulf. Hiranyaksha also followed Lord Vishnu and saw him investment earth with his teeth. Hiranyaksha tried to stop Lord Vishnu by saying rude words. Thus trying to provoke Lord Vishnu to fight with him. Lord Vishnu ignored his rude behavior and sustained with his voyage. Hirnayaksha got more irritated and started to abuse him even additional by saying words such as, coward, animal, sinner etc. immobile Lord Vishnu set aside his peaceful and recognized the earth on the outside of the sea. Thereby , implementation his task. When Hiranyaksha saw that his words were not able to make worse Lord Vishnu in any way, he took out his weapon to attack him. Lord Vishnu quick the weapon from his hand and threw it far absent. Both of them fought with each other for a while in which Hiranyaksha got killed by Lord Vishnu.