» Purnima Dates in October 2014 ( Purnima Dates in 2014 )

Purnima Dates in October 2014 ( Purnima Dates in 2014 )




Wednesday, October 08, 2014     -  Ashwin Purnima Vrat


Ashwin Purnima Vrat


According to the Vedic astrologers, Hindu religious scholars, pundits and local legends, Ashwin poornima falls on the full moon day in the month of September and October according to the Hindu traditional lunar calendar. On this day special prayers are offered to the Goddess Lakshmi. This festival is locally known as Kaumudi Celebration. The purnima is also known as Kojagiri purnima. This particular festival is a traditional and cultural celebration of the moon. In certain pockets of India, it is regionally called the Kaumudi celebration, it is to be noted that Kaumudi means moonlight. At midnight or after dusk, goddess Laxmi is worshipped by the members of the Hindu household. Most of the Hindus strongly believe that on this particular night Goddess Laxmi moves around from place to place enquiring, “Who is awake?” in vernacular language means (“Kojagarti?”) and she shows her immense pleasure on only those she finds still awake and waiting for her in devotion and dedication.